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Borbone liqueurs is an exclusive collection of typical Italian liqueurs created by chance due to an exciting discovery. In 1735 Naples became, under the Bourbons, one of the most important cultural centers in Europe, second only to Paris for inhabitants, it was an innovative and wealthy city, the merchants reached the ports of the entire world and different culturesmingled between ancient and modern, as aristocracy mingled with the populace; they shared the frenetic rhythms of the city, meeting places and good food.

In Naples there was an incredible number of shops offering street food and inns, the cuisine was inspired by typical Spanish and French dishes and “sfogliatelle” and “babà” soon became famous throughout Europe.


“There is no season of the year when you are not surrounded by edibles, and the Neapolitan desires not only the pleasure of eating, but also the gratification of his eye in the manner in which the wares are exposed for sales”.

(Goethe’s Travels in Italy, letter dated May 29th, 1787)


But back to our discovery: it is during the restoration work of one of the oldest inns in the city, in the port area and not too far from the Royal Palace of Naples, that by pure chance, in the upper rooms, once used as pleasure rooms, we found a small shabby cookbook containing some of the typical recipes of Neapolitan cuisine; Minestra Maritata, Genovese, Polpi alla Luciana and a liqueur with herbs.

From this discovery, from the inn, a meeting point for the people, travelers, merchants and nobles, from the simplicity of the recipe of the herbs Liqueur and the beauties that the Bourbons left us in custody, we let ourselves be inspired to realize the“Amaro Borbone” and other delicious traditional liqueurs.

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