Borbone liqueurs is an exclusive collection of typical Italian liqueurs created by chance due to an exciting discovery.


In 1735 Naples became, under the Bourbons, one of the most important cultural centers in Europe, second only to Paris for inhabitants, it was an innovative and wealthy city, the merchants reached the ports of the entire world and different culturesmingled between ancient and modern, as aristocracy mingled with the populace; they shared the frenetic rhythms of the city, meeting places and good food.


In Naples there was an incredible number of shops offering street food and inns, the cuisine was inspired by typical Spanish and French dishes and “sfogliatelle” and “babà” soon became famous throughout Europe.


“There is no season of the year when you are not surrounded by edibles, and the Neapolitan desires not only the pleasure of eating, but also the gratification of his eye in the manner in which the wares are exposed for sales”.

(Goethe’s Travels in Italy, letter dated May 29th, 1787)


But back to our discovery: it is during the restoration work of one of the oldest inns in the city, in the port area and not too far from the Royal Palace of Naples, that by pure chance, in the upper rooms, once used as pleasure rooms, we found a small shabby cookbook containing some of the typical recipes of Neapolitan cuisine; Minestra Maritata, Genovese, Polpi alla Luciana and a liqueur with herbs.


From this discovery, from the inn, a meeting point for the people, travelers, merchants and nobles, from the simplicity of the recipe of the herbs Liqueur and the beauties that the Bourbons left us in custody, we let ourselves be inspired to realize the“Amaro Borbone” and other delicious traditional liqueurs.


The Nocino



Borbone Nocino 24 Giugno is a precious limited edition of Neapolitan walnuts liqueur.

To create this exclusive product, we were looking for an old and authentic family recipe, which we found in the one kept by the noble Angelillo family, originally from the agro aversano.

As tradition dictates, the walnuts were harvested on June 24, the day of St. John the Baptist, when the ripening of the fruit is not yet complete and the husk is green and tender.

The old legend tells that was a barefoot virgin who climbed a walnut tree and selected only the best walnuts by hand, without affecting the husk, and then left them to the night dew. This, formed on the night between 23 and 24 June, was considered a panacea for all ailments, especially for digestive problems and gastro-intestinal disorders, for which Nocino was considered an excellent remedy. Once collected, these are infused the next day and their preparation ended on the eve of Ognissanti.

Nocino Borbone 24 June is a premium liqueur made by hand only with the best walnuts and a secret mix of spices, and is packaged by hand in the precious screen-printed bottle which contains all the Liquori Borbone collection. The wooden label, the gold foil, the Braille, the matching capsule, and the hand numbering of the 593 bottles available for 2020 further embellish it.


The Amaro



Borbone Amaro 10 maggio 1734 is the maximum expression of nature and its strength. A liqueur that comes to life from a rich bouquet of carefully selected Mediterranean herbs blended in a secret recipe found in an ancient recipe book from the 18th century.

This Amaro was created to delight the demanding palate of nobles, merchants and travelers of the time and that today, thanks to small tricks and the use of the best botanicals, manages to seduce and amaze.

The result is a perfect texture obtained from a mix of carefully selected natural herbs and aromas, a Premium Amaro that rewrites the history of Neapolitan nobility and of the perfect Amaro.
The slow maceration process provides Amaro Borbone with a special consistency and an aromatic complexity without equal, an inimitable taste that releases the characteristic scents of the Mediterranean exalting its typical tonic-digestive properties.


The Rucola



Borbone Rucola Amaro Nobile is a high quality product inspired by the recipe that the Di Costanzo family from Procida used for the family production of an arugula Amaro already in the 40s. The arugula amaro is a typical product of the islands of Campania region, and the Di Costanzos succeeded in elaborating an original recipe highly appreciated not only by the inhabitants of the island.
The mission of the Di Costanzo heirs is not limited only to the custody of the precious family cookbooks, but also to the continuous search for details.

This is why for the Rucola Borbone we only use arugula grown in the Sele plain in Campania, which will soon be recognized as an IGP product. This precious rocket is rich in vitamin C and mineral salts, it is used not only in recipes, but also for its phyto-therapeutic qualities as a remedy to increase appetite, help digestion and stimulate the body, to maintain psychophysical well-being.

The secret of this fine liqueur lies in a perfect mix of natural aromas and arugula, which enhances taste and scent. A delicate and refined amaro, delicious to be enjoyed at room temperature or ice cold, served with a slice of lemon or orange.

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The Limoncello


Borbone Limoncello di Procida embodies all the aromas and flavors of the well-known Procida lemons which make up 100% of the skins in infusion. The fruit is a very large lemon, in which the albedo is so thick to be called "bread" by the islanders. The size is medium-large, elliptical in shape with a coarse-grained skin that is light yellow when fully ripe. The aroma is intense and the taste pleasantly sweet with acidulous notes. These unique features made the Limone di Procida in the post-war period a highly sought after fruit, so that the peasants were encouraged to replace the grapes with lemon trees. Today, however, the lemon from Procida, is a rare fruit that is grown in small quantities only in the few remaining lemon groves and in the private gardens belonging to the islanders.
The strong bond with the inhabitants of the islands of the Di Costanzo family, which founded the company at the end of the last century, still allows us to produce this prized liqueur by relying on a very short supply chain that supports local production and maintains the link with the land of origin further enhancing the unique characteristics of this extraordinary product.
The recipe of the exquisite Limoncello di Procida produced by the Di Costanzo family was developed in the 40s of the last century and it is handed down from generation to generation and improved thanks to a meticulous search for details.
Limoncello di Procida Borbone is a Premium liqueur, unmistakable for its scent, color, taste, elegant bottle and precious label.


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