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Borbone Limoncello Procida embodies all the aromas and flavors of the well-known Procida lemons which make up 100% of the skins in infusion. The fruit is a very large lemon, in which the albedo is so thick to be called "bread" by the islanders. The size is medium-large, elliptical in shape with a coarse-grained skin that is light yellow when fully ripe. The aroma is intense and the taste pleasantly sweet with acidulous notes. These unique features made the Limone di Procida in the post-war period a highly sought after fruit, so that the peasants were encouraged to replace the grapes with lemon trees. Today, however, the lemon from Procida, is a rare fruit that is grown in small quantities only in the few remaining lemon groves and in the private gardens belonging to the islanders.
The strong bond with the inhabitants of the islands of the Di Costanzo family, which founded the company at the end of the last century, still allows us to produce this prized liqueur by relying on a very short supply chain that supports local production and maintains the link with the land of origin further enhancing the unique characteristics of this extraordinary product.
The recipe of the exquisite Limoncello di Procida produced by the Di Costanzo family was developed in the 40s of the last century and it is handed down from generation to generation and improved thanks to a meticulous search for details.
Limoncello di Procida Borbone is a Premium liqueur, unmistakable for its scent, color, taste, elegant bottle and precious label.

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