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Borbone Amaro 10 maggio 1734 is the maximum expression of nature and its strength. A liqueur that comes to life from a rich bouquet of carefully selected Mediterranean herbs blended in a secret recipe found in an ancient recipe book from the 18th century.

This Amaro was created to delight the demanding palate of nobles, merchants and travelers of the time and that today, thanks to small tricks and the use of the best botanicals, manages to seduce and amaze.

The result is a perfect texture obtained from a mix of carefully selected natural herbs and aromas, a Premium Amaro that rewrites the history of Neapolitan nobility and of the perfect Amaro.
The slow maceration process provides Amaro Borbone with a special consistency and an aromatic complexity without equal, an inimitable taste that releases the characteristic scents of the Mediterranean exalting its typical tonic-digestive properties.

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