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Liquore Borbone supports the strategic program Royal District, created to promote the development of the cultural system for the enhancement of the Bourbon heritage in a participatory, creative, and sustainable way.

South of Rome, in the territories of Southern Italy, lies the world's largest cultural district. A unique universal heritage, at the crossroads between Europe and the Mediterranean, the result of millennia of history that the Bourbons of the Two Sicilies appreciated from 1734 with an enlightened and innovative vision.

Royal District aims to rediscover the historical atmospheres of the court of the Two Sicilies, allowing travelers of the third millennium to explore the majestic itinerary of the royal residences of Naples and Palermo, and to experience enchanting adventures related to art, landscapes, archaeology, and the typical features of Southern Italy.

Surprising itineraries among residences, collections, and parks. Visit the wonders of the Court of the Two Sicilies: one of the largest cultural districts in the world.

Enter the court, the legacy of the Bourbons will leave you speechless.

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