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Bitter Borbone Pigmento Rosso is the premium liqueur that celebrates the return to the great blending classics. A Bitter without compromises or fashion related trends, the true essence of Royal Taste.


The first recipe of the Bourbon bitter was elaborated after the Second World War, when Giovanni Di Costanzo, on vacation in Milan, got amazed by a particular bitter liqueur served with the addition of soda. Back in Procida, Giovanni decided to try his hand at making a bitter similar to the one he had tried in Milan but using spices and citrus fruits available in his small liqueur factory. After a few months of work, he managed to find the recipe for an extremely balanced and aromatically complex red amaro, with a classic profile but at the same time with a well-defined character that distinguished it from the ones available at the time.

Bitter Borbone is still produced respecting the tradition that in the past involved also chemists and spice makers in the creation of great bitters and it was conceived to give its best mixed with premium spirits and liqueurs for the preparation of great classic cocktails such as MiTo, Negroni, Boulevardier ...

 Made using only the highest quality herbs and spices, it is characterized by a pleasant balance of sweet and bitter notes given by oranges and bitter oranges that go well with rhubarb and thyme. The very interesting aromatic profile, conveyed by the 25 degrees of alcohol, is complemented by botanicals which provide a well blended scent, the finish is persistent with a pleasant chinchona aftertaste.

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