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Borbone Rucola Amaro Nobile is a high quality product inspired by the recipe that the Di Costanzo family from Procida used for the family production of an arugula Amaro already in the 40s. The arugula amaro is a typical product of the islands of Campania region, and the Di Costanzos succeeded in elaborating an original recipe highly appreciated not only by the inhabitants of the island.
The mission of the Di Costanzo heirs is not limited only to the custody of the precious family cookbooks, but also to the continuous search for details.

This is why for the Rucola Borbone we only use arugula grown in the Sele plain in Campania, which will soon be recognized as an IGP product. This precious rocket is rich in vitamin C and mineral salts, it is used not only in recipes, but also for its phyto-therapeutic qualities as a remedy to increase appetite, help digestion and stimulate the body, to maintain psychophysical well-being.

The secret of this fine liqueur lies in a perfect mix of natural aromas and arugula, which enhances taste and scent. A delicate and refined amaro, delicious to be enjoyed at room temperature or ice cold, served with a slice of lemon or orange.

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