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Nocino Borbone.jpg
Nocino Borbone.jpg

Borbone Nocino 24 Giugno is a precious limited edition of Neapolitan walnuts liqueur.

To create this exclusive product, we were looking for an old and authentic family recipe, which we found in the one kept by the noble Angelillo family, originally from the agro aversano.

As tradition dictates, the walnuts were harvested on June 24, the day of St. John the Baptist, when the ripening of the fruit is not yet complete and the husk is green and tender.

The old legend tells that was a barefoot virgin who climbed a walnut tree and selected only the best walnuts by hand, without affecting the husk, and then left them to the night dew. This, formed on the night between 23 and 24 June, was considered a panacea for all ailments, especially for digestive problems and gastro-intestinal disorders, for which Nocino was considered an excellent remedy. Once collected, these are infused the next day and their preparation ended on the eve of Ognissanti.

Nocino Borbone 24 June is a premium liqueur made by hand only with the best walnuts and a secret mix of spices, and is packaged by hand in the precious screen-printed bottle which contains all the Liquori Borbone collection. The wooden label, the gold foil, the Braille, the matching capsule, and the hand numbering of the 593 bottles available for 2022 further embellish it.

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